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How Do I Calculate The Wattage Of An Appliance?

If the label does not specify the wattage, but you know the Amperage (A), you can calculate it using the following formula: Amps (A) * voltage (V) = Watts Example: 3 Amps * 220 volt = 660 watts 3 Amps * 110 volt = 330 watts

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How Long Can I Run The Inverter On My Battery?

The difference is the type of battery you want to run your power inverter on. Most vehicles run off a 12 volt battery. The 24 volt are generally used in large trucks or industrial motors. For more information please visit

Battery Capacity
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Operating Time For Common Electronics

Inverter Output Power (Watts)Typical LoadBattery Size
BCI Group Size22NF24278Ddual 8D
Reserve Capacity90 Min140 Min180 Min400 Min900 Min
50Stereo SystemOperating Time9 Hours14 Hours20 Hours40 Hours80 Hours
10019″ Color TVOperating Time4 Hours6 Hours10 Hours20 Hours40 Hours
200Computer SystemOperating Time2 Hours3 Hours4.5 Hours10 Hours20 Hours
300BlenderOperating Time1.3 Hours2.2 Hours3 Hours6 Hours12 Hours
400Power DrillOperating Time1 Hour1.5 Hours2 Hours4.5 Hours10 Hours
600Small Coffee MakerOperating TimeN.R.N.R.1 Hours2.5 Hours6 Hours
800Small MicrowaveOperating TimeN.R.N.R.N.R.1.5 Hours4 Hours
1000ToasterOperating TimeN.R.N.R.N.R.1 Hour3 Hours
1500Full Size MicrowaveOperating TimeN.R.N.R.N.R.0.5 Hour2 Hours
2500Hair Dryer & Washing MachineOperating TimeN.R.N.R.N.R.0.2 Hour0.8 Hours

Usage Chart For Common Electronics

ElectronicsAverage WattageRecommended 12V InverterRecommended 24V InverterRecommended Transformer
CD, Tape, Radio, Receiver System250XR400-12ML400-24VC500W
CRT/Tube TV (Average)250PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
Home theatre250PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
LCD TV (Average)200XR400-12ML400-24VC750W
Plasma TV (Average)350PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
Rear Projection TV (Average)200PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
Television (Color, Solid State)200XR400-12ML400-24VC750W
Game ConsolesAverage WattageRecommended 12V InverterRecommended 24V InverterRecommended Transformer
Nintendo Wii119XR400-12ML400-24VC300W
Playstation 3197XR400-12ML400-24VC500W
Xbox 360187XR400-12ML400-24VC500W
Computer & AccessoriesAverage WattageRecommended 12V InverterRecommended 24V InverterRecommended Transformer
PC desktop (Average)350XR400-12ML400-24VC500W
PC laptop (Average)100XR175-12ML400-24VC300W
Computer (With Monitor and Printer)365PW900-12ML900-24VC1000W
ToolsAverage WattageRecommended 12V InverterRecommended 24V InverterRecommended Transformer
Power Tools (Circular Saw)1800PW2300-12ML2300-24VC3000W
Small AppliancesAverage WattageRecommended 12V InverterRecommended 24V InverterRecommended Transformer
Air Conditioner (Small to Medium Unit)800-1500PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Air Conditioner (Medium to Large Unit)3500PW6000-12N/AN/A
Blender/food processor (Average)750PW1100-12ML1500-24VC1500W
Cell phone charger (Average)65CW150ML400-24VC100W
Clock3XR100-12ML400-24VC100W (must be 50/60Hz compatible)
Coffee Maker1000-1800PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W or TK1650 (if used overseas)
Curling Iron1500PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Flat Iron / Curling Irons550PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
Hair dryer (Average)550-1850PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W or TK1650 (If Used Overseas)
Hair Dryer (Hand Held)1600PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Space heaters (Average)1500PW2300-12ML2300-24VC3000W
AppliancesAverage WattageRecommended 12V InverterRecommended 24V InverterRecommended Transformer
Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU)1500PW2300-12ML2300-24VC3000W
Air Conditioner (36,000 BTU)4500PW6000-12N/ANot recommended to use with transformer due to high wattage – would need to be hardwired
Bug Zapper40XR400-12ML400-24VC100W
Chest freezer (1.3 Cubic Ft)80PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
Chest freezer (3.0 Cubic Ft)150PW900-12ML900-24VC1000W
Chest freezer (6.0 Cubic Ft)240PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Clothes Dryer5000PW6000-12N/ANot recommended to use with transformer due to problems with Hz (cycles)
Coffee Maker (Auto Drip)1165PW1500-12ML1500-24VC2000W
Convection Oven1500PW3500-12ML3500-24VC3000W
Dehumidifier (20 Pints, Summer)450PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
Dishwasher (Dry Cycle)1200PW1500-12ML1500-24VC1500W
Fan (Ceiling)80XR400-12ML400-24VC200W
Freezer (Automatic Defrost 15 Cubic Ft)440PW900-12ML900-24VC750W
Fry Pan1200PW1500-12ML1500-24VC1500W
Garage Door Opener350PW900-12ML900-24VC500W
Humidifier (Winter)177PW900-12ML900-24VC500W
MicrowaveLargest SizePW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Microwave Oven1500PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Mini Fridge (Average)60 (Standby)PW900-12ML900-24VC500W
Mixer, Hand100XR400-12ML400-24VC300W
Refrigerator/Freezer (Frostfree, 17.5 Cubic Ft)450PW1100-12ML1500-24VC1000W
Satellite Dish (Includes Receiver)360PW900-12ML900-24VC500W
Standard Fridge (Average)230 (Standby)PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Sump Pump (1/2 HP)500PW1100-12ML1500-24VC1000W
Vacuum Cleaner1560PW2300-12ML2300-24VC2000W
Waffle Iron1200PW1500-12ML1500-24VC2000W
Water Pump (1/2 HP)460PW1100-12ML1500-24VC1000W
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