Voltage Converters

Voltage Converters are devices that convert AC mains voltage to a suitable level for your appliances.. Many countries have different electrical standards and voltages.
In the United States, homes and businesses are supplied with 110v (between 110-120v depending on a number of factors) whereas in other countries, they may use between 200-250v.

In order to use your European 220v device in North America, you would simply use a Voltage Converter to step the Single-Phase 110v from your wall outlet up to 220v.

Our Voltage Converters allow this to work both ways. You can take a Voltage Converter overseas to power your North American appliances in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Austrailia or bring your devices from overseas for use in North America.

Please note: Voltage Converters only convert to and from single-phase voltages. They do not convert the hertz cycle and are also not compatible with North American 220 volt appliances and receptacles.

For Japanese voltage, click HERE.

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